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About ChiknEGG MarketPlace

ChiknEGG MarketPlace connects our community with fresh, healthy food straight from our local farmers. With one order, one payment and one pick up, you can order food directly from over 50 different family owned and operated farms and small businesses right here in our area.

At ChiknEGG MarketPlace you shop by the item from our participating farms selecting only the items you would like to order. There is no minimum order and you are not required to order each week.

How We Work

Each week our producers post the products they have available, setting their own prices. You can read about their farming practices and contact them directly with questions. We assure our customers they will know where their food comes from, no substitutions are made, and that products are delivered fresh, straight from the farm that day.

Since 2011, ChiknEGG Productions has been providing access to fresh, local foods to the Greater Richmond community through our farmers markets, commissary kitchen and special events. Our online farmers market pre-ordering system was a natural progression. What sets us apart? Our standards – Freshness, Traceability, Transparency – We raise the bar for the fresh, local, sustainable market.

From the convenience of your own home, shop online with us any time between Thursdays at 8:00pm to Mondays at midnight. Then, pick up your order on the following Saturday morning at the farmers market!

Become a Member

Our Buying Pages open each week at 8:00pm Thursday and remain open until 12 midnight Monday evening. Once you Register, you can begin shopping at 8pm Thursday

Membership options are:
Two Week trail membership $10
Seasonal three month $25

RETURNING CUSTOMERS, if you are an active (Lulu's Local Food) customer, an expired member or have a pending account with Lulu's, then you are already in our system. Simply go to Log In and at the bottom of the screen choose "Request Password Reset". You will need to set up a new password to access the new site. Once you Log in, you will find that your membership is active. Please update your contact information with us and you can begin shopping at 12 noon Friday.

If you have any problems accessing your account please contact us:

ChiknEGG MarketPlace


ChiknEGG Marketplace
2753 Dogtown Road
Goochland, VA 23063
(804) 314-9141

RVAg MarketPlace

The RVAg MarketPlace is OPEN for business! Customers can sign-up as members for a two-week trial run, or they can sign-up for the remainder of the regular market season, which runs for 16 weeks through the end of September (no market the week of July 4th).

Customers can place orders from your favorite market vendors in advance and pick up during your lunch break. This fabulous new online feature allows you to come out when your schedule allows and not miss out on getting your favorite items to take home.

The weekly Buying Cycle will open on Friday evenings and run though Wednesday night, so customers will be able to order over the weekend for delivery at the market site the following Friday afternoon.